The IRS mailed me a letter!

First off, don't panic. The vast majority of letters that the IRS churns out each year are computer generated, and past experience has proven that over half of them are wrong. Even when they aren't all wrong, there's usually a good case to be made to get them to reverse some or all of the penalties and taxes that they're claiming you owe them.

Send me a copy of the letter as soon as you receive it so I can review it. The best way is either to scan the letter onto your computer and e-mail it to me at, or to fax it to me at (207) 499-7898. I can then decide what the best way is for us to proceed.

In many cases, a simple review of your 1040 file and the materials I've accumulated in its preparation will enable me to draft a letter to the IRS which addresses their complaints and gets you out of hot water. In many cases, this involved a simple half-hour charge of my time. (See "How Much Do You Cost?" to determine what this will cost you.)

If you got a letter pertaining to payroll tax forms, or if the matter is more than usually complicated, I can give you a rough quote of how much time I think will be necessary to deal with the issue. Only rarely will this take more than an hour and a half of my time.

Worst case scenario is that you have been selected for an audit, and they want you to show up at the local IRS office with all your tax documents for the tax year that they're interested in. (This will generally be two years ago.) I have found that most IRS agents, despite their evil reputation, are fairly reasonable people, who are willing to accept what you can offer them if they think you're doing your best. I can go with you to the initial meeting with the IRS agent, help you in assembling the materials that they ask for, and then help you negotiate with the agent to get the best deal I think you can get based on my nearly thirty years of experience with them. If necessary, we can even take it to higher levels, including Tax Court. I'll be honest with you - this will not be cheap. However, my goal will be to minimize your overall layout of cash - between taxes and penalties to the IRS and my fees. If I don't see any realistic possibility of cutting the audit bill further, I will recommend strongly that you settle, rather than running up my own bill to no purpose.

If you have a specific question that you're curious about, please call me at 1-800-370-2607.
I do NOT charge for phone calls lasting under ten minutes

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