How much do you cost?

During the current economic recession (which most of us are still struggling with), I have endeavored to keep my prices both competitive and affordable. My primary goal is always to provide more in benefits than I cost, so that my services effectively pay for themselves."

These are my rates for personal income tax returns:

Minimum fee: $300
(This includes your state return as well, and any electronic filing fees. It also gives you access to my for quick questions and concerns throughout the year, although I will charge for certain types of research and response to letters from the IRS that were not caused by errors on my part.)

Minimum fee for child of taxpayer: $100
I do not charge an hourly rate or a per form fee for tax preparation. Instead, I make a determination of the complexity of your particular return and quote a fixed price for the preparation of your return. Upon occasion, if you do not provide information in a format that I can use, necessitating additional work on my part, there will be an additional fee above and beyond the fixed price. This is highly unusual, as most of my clients already have a perfectly adequate method of tabulating their income and expenses for the year, but it does happen upon occasion.

These are my rates for other tax returns:

Minimum fee: "Please Ask For A Quote"
Again, as with personal income tax returns, my preference is to give you a fixed quote so that you know in advance exactly what your cost will be. I believe that my rates are very compatible with what other CPAs are charging, and that my aggressive tax planning strategies will ultimately save you more in taxes than what I'll charge you in fees. Accounting and consulting services are billed at my standard rate of $75 per half hour or significant portion thereof.

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