How do I do back ups?
In a word - FREQUENTLY! The most common mistake I see repeated over and over at businesses is the failure to do regular backups. Did you know that more businesses fail from the loss of accounting data than fail from having their businesses burn down to the ground? You wouldn't go without fire insurance, so why would you go without backups?

Recommendation #1:
Your best bet is to sign up with an internet backup service. You designate the files you want backed up (get my input on this), and then they back up those files to a secure online server EVERY NIGHT. You don't lose any data at all. The cost is usually minimal - between $20 to $40 per month - and the peace of mind is clearly worth it. Call me for a list of the best internet backup services.

Recommendation #2:
Let's say that you don't have a broadband connection to the internet, or have other reasons for wanting to keep your backup in-house. Make a backup once a week to a CD, take the CD home, and restore your backup to your home computer. If your work computer and home computer are one and the same, either restore it to a friend's computer that you trust or buy a second computer. The only way to be absolutely certain that you have a good backup is to restore it to another computer and make sure that it works. I can't tell you the number of times a client has given me their most recent backup, and I discover that due to an error or misunderstanding on the client's part, that they in fact have no backup at all!

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