Can I outsource my book keeping and still maintain control?

Yes, you can. In fact, you will probably have increased control and safety from theft by outsourcing, because your bookkeeper(s) will now be based out of the country and will not have access to your hard cash. The volume of mail you receive will go down because your vendors will be faxing or e-mailing your invoices directly to a dedicated server which your bookkeeper in India can access. As a double-check on your bookkeeping, I always review the work of my bookkeepers in India on a weekly basis to correct any errors they may have inadvertently made and to alert you of any changes you should be making on your end.

Not only is the cost considerably less than hiring your own bookkeeper, you will be getting more accurate results, because our bookkeepers in India are actually college graduates with degrees in accounting! Since their education is similar to ours over here, and since the accounting systems between the two countries are remarkably alike, you are getting a level of proficiency that simply is not affordable to you otherwise.

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