Let me quickly explain what I could do for you as your CPA.

Aggressive Tax Planning and Preparation
I'm always looking for new and interesting loopholes for my clients to exploit. My goal is to help you take advantage of every tax benefit that you're entitled to under the law.
Helping Your Business Grow Profitably
Even more important than saving tax dollars is operating profitably in the first place. I offer a quarterly financial service that charts your progress toward well-defined financial goals, and help you analyze where changes need to be made to keep you on course. This can tie in with the accounting program you're currently using to make sure that you're maximizing your computer investment.
Experience in a Variety of Areas
I currently am serving small business clients service, manufacturing and retail industries in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York; and have been doing so for nearly twenty years.
Accessibility and Turn-Around Time
I return calls promptly, and typically (unless during the heart of tax season) am able to complete projects in less than 4 weeks - so you don't wind up twiddling your thumbs for months.
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